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Trials Sermon Illustrations

God never promises that our life will be easy when we turn to Him. In fact, there are days when the Christian life seems downright unbearable. We all face trials and tribulations; it's part of the broken, fallen world we live in. But how we deal with those trials and tribulations - that's the real challenge!

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Starfish Limb Regeneration and Titus 3:5
Starfish can do some extraordinary things, and perhaps their regenerative powers will help us understand Titus 3:5
Bus Station Bomb - A story about our Scary World
Bus Station Bomb in Beersheeba - a sermon illustration that helps us see that the world is a scary place. But Jesus overcomes.
Singing Birds - Hoping For The Sun In Troubled Times
Lesson from Isaiah 35:4 and the early morning birds singing to welcome the sunrise
Unfair Treatment, the Cross of Jesus Christ, and 1 Peter
Unfair treatment is guaranteed; we all face it. The true test of character is how we respond to unfair treatment. Do we respond like Jesus?
Trials, Troubles, Life Perspectives and Roller Coasters
Life is not like a roller coaster - it's like standing in line for a roller coaster. The real excitement is when the waiting is over.
Dealing With Trials and Troubles - Violin Maker Illustration
Dealing with trials and troubles - the violin maker and the tree give us a good illustration of the relationship between us and God

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