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Pride Sermon Illustrations

Pride is so dangerous to anyone, but especially to the Christian, for it causes us to leave behind the humble character of Christ. Remember the two men praying in the temple; the sinner prays "be merciful to me, a sinner", while the "religious" man says "I thank you that I'm not like that guy". Now there is pride for you!

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Personal Convictions and Judging - Football Illustration
An illustration of personal convictions and judging others, involving expensive tickets to a Sunday football game
Ulterior Motives, Servanthood, and the Attitude of Christ
Thoughts about ulterior motives in business (amazon, and my own business) and the nature of a servant, as demonstrated by Christ
Empty Conceit - Being Preoccupied With Myself
Empty Conceit, vanity, and self admiration; these are what Paul warns about in Philippians 2:3.

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