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Mortality Sermon Illustrations

Now here's a subject no one likes to talk about: mortality! Our lives are just a vapor, the Bible says (or, as both Isaiah and Peter say, it is like the grass of the field). Our lives are short and non-permanent. They are perishable. Death is part of life, but for the Christian, the hope of resurrection takes away the sting of death.

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Pre-Written Obituaries and Celebrity Death
Death of Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger, along with news about Britney Spears and pre-written obituaries.
Trials, Troubles, Life Perspectives and Roller Coasters
Life is not like a roller coaster - it's like standing in line for a roller coaster. The real excitement is when the waiting is over.
God understands our weaknesses - He knows how we were formed
God understands our weaknesses - He knows how we were formed from the dust of the earth. An illustration involving sand castles at Popham beach
External Appearance vs Internal Character
The cycle of life, the fleeting quality of external beauty and appearance, and the focus on internal character (Ecclesiastes and I Peter)

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