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Hope Sermon Illustrations

Hope is what keeps us going during difficult times. Hope in an eternal life with God changes our perspective about this short and troubled life. Hope in the resurrection - of Christ, and of us - gives us courage for this side of the grave.

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He's Coming Back!
An illustration involving a snowstorm, a snowblower, and a small child
Thickly Peeled Potatoes - Delayed Gratification
A depression era story about a family's dilemma with failing potato crops
Bus Station Bomb - A story about our Scary World
Bus Station Bomb in Beersheeba - a sermon illustration that helps us see that the world is a scary place. But Jesus overcomes.
Singing Birds - Hoping For The Sun In Troubled Times
Lesson from Isaiah 35:4 and the early morning birds singing to welcome the sunrise
Fear Factor - A lesson about life from I Peter and a TV Show
Sermon illustration - Fear Factor: Life is like the television show Fear Factor. We face trials and troubles for the sake of an eventual reward.
Dealing With Trials and Troubles - Violin Maker Illustration
Dealing with trials and troubles - the violin maker and the tree give us a good illustration of the relationship between us and God
Love Believes All Things: I Corinthians Optimism Principle
Love Believes all things - part of the I Corinthians 'Love' chapter - The optimism principle invites us to give the benefit of the doubt, out of love

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