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Bitterness Sermon Illustrations

Bitterness is the cause of much grief, pain, and destruction in our world; bitterness clouds our view, and causes us to turn a blind eye to the needs and concerns of others as we focus more and more on our own festering anger. Hebrews tells us that this root of bitterness destroys many.

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Unfair Treatment, the Cross of Jesus Christ, and 1 Peter
Unfair treatment is guaranteed; we all face it. The true test of character is how we respond to unfair treatment. Do we respond like Jesus?
Malice, Deceit, and a High School Basketball Tournament
Malice and Deceit - letting your view of events be clouded by your own anger and bitterness. Story about an accident at a high school basketball game.
Violent Explosions and Slow Burns: Which Personality Type?
Violent explosions and slow burns - the violent exploders flare up in a moment, causing great destruction. Slow burners fester with anger and hate.

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