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Join The Chorus

Join The Chorus is a music CD which was created in memory of Tommy Boyd, a teenage boy who was in a fatal ATV accident on September 9th, 2006. Tommy was a beloved member of the South Paris Baptist Church youth group, and he was also my sound man - he had just begun traveling with me as I went to churches around New England to do ventriloquism, music, and Bible teaching. Tommy is sorely missed by all of us.

The CD is an exploration of what death means to those of the Christian faith. Thus, on this CD, you will find songs that talk about eternal life, songs that talk about resurrection, and songs that talk about the importance of living a life that matters, and that honors God.

The CD includes the following songs; you can click each link to read the lyrics, and also listen to a few short audio files from the CD.

Track #1
There Is A Land Of Pure Delight
This song reminds us that the world in which we currently live is only a pale shadow of the wonderful world which awaits us beyond the grave.

Track #2
I Want
The things we want out of life and the things God wants for our lives don't always coincide. This song looks at the desires we should have.

Track #3
Psalm 95
A call to worship; this song is a declaration of God's greatness, and also a reminder that we are the sheep He lovingly cares for.

Track #4
Jesus Our Immanuel
Immanuel means 'God With Us'. This song reminds us that even in the troubled times of life, we have Immanuel, who shares our griefs.

Track #5
Morning Breaks Upon The Tomb
In His resurrection, Christ defeated death not just for Himself, but for us, making it possible to live life in confident expectancy.

Track #6
O God Our Help In Ages Past
Though time presses forward inexorably, God was our help in ages past, and our hope for eternal ages to come.

Track #7
Prayer For Healing
A prayer for God's healing touch in the lives of those who face grief and troubles.

Track #8
Our Great Savior
Five verses of a wonderful old hymn, with a slightly different melody. Saving, helping, keeping, He's forever loving. He is always with me to the end.

Track #9
The Only Thing
Ecclesiastes tells us it is better to go to a funeral than a party, because we all end up dead, and those who come to grips with this reality are better prepared for life.

Track #10
Join The Chorus (song for Tommy)
This song explores the great choruses of the Bible - the chorus of creation, the chorus of the angels, and the chorus of the saints.

Track #11
Sweet By And By
A violin instrumental version of a beautiful old hymn that reminds us of the heavenly home that awaits us.

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