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Just a Pawn - A Short Sermon llustration about God's Love

Posted by Douglas Twitchell on Apr 28, 2008
In a previous entry, I wrote about chess, and compared the universe to an enormous chess game. An excellent chess player makes moves that are incomprehensible to me because I don't understand all the complexities of the game. The universe is infinitely more complex than a chess game, but fortunately, God is infinitely wiser than the best chess player, and we should not be at all surprised when we don't understand the "moves" He's making.
As I think about chess, and how a novice plays it (and when I speak of novices, I'm thinking primarily of myself!), a novice player will often treat his pawns as though they are unimportant. He will throw them in the path of other pieces in order to tempt his opponent into weaker positions, or he will trade them indiscriminately in trying to improve his own position.

No wonder we speak disparagingly of pawns, saying someone was "just a pawn."

But if we think of God as the greatest of all chess players, we must remember this: in God's view of the universe, there is no such thing as "just a pawn." The Bible teaches us that God loves each one of us, and each of us is valuable to him. Need proof of that? Remember the words of Jesus in Matt 6:23. In essence, Jesus says, "Look at the birds! See how God takes care of them! And aren't you even more important to God than the birds?"

In other words, if God doesn't think of even a bird as "just a pawn," you can rest assured that he values you very highly indeed!

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