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Personal Convictions and Judging - Football Illustration

Posted by Douglas Twitchell on Jul 25, 2006
Thanks to John R. for allowing me to post this
John R. was sharing in a devotional time about convictions, and standing by those convictions, but not forcing others to abide by them (unless they are clearly stated Biblical commands!) His scripture was the passage in Romans 14:1-6 which speaks of whether or not we eat certain things, and which days we regard as holy, and talks about "not judging another man's servant".

He shared with us that last year he talked about going to see the New England Patriots play a home game. So he looked up the prices of the tickets and was absolutely horrified by how much it was going to cost. So he chose not to go.

The game was on a Sunday, and he knew that there were many people who would refuse to go because it was on Sunday, but wouldn't think twice about the cost of it. Whereas John felt very strongly that it would be poor stewardship of the resources God has given him to go to the game, but didn't really care that it was on a Sunday.

Each was fully convinced in his own mind, but even so, there is freedom to have those convictions yet not force others to bow to your own conviction. There is no room for pride in comparing your convictions to others and looking at another man's servant who doesn't do things your way.

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